Theater ist unsere Leidenschaft!

[Theater is our passion!] The German Theater Group San Diego was founded in October 2016 with 13 interested people—some I have known for 20 years, others I met for the first time!

Hardly anyone had any on-stage experience; several had worked back-stage on occasion. For the first two months, we met every two weeks at someone’s home, had food and drinks, worked on light theater exercises, tried out reading some skits and laughed a lot—“Theater as Stress relief” was our motto! Over the last two months, a tighter-knit group developed with the goal of putting this first play on stage.

I would like to recognize and thank everyone in this theater group—for their courage, interest, patience, expertise and trust to follow me in this journey to bring a German play to fruition! I couldn’t have worked with a more wonderful, smart, dedicated, and funny group of amazing individuals! Everyone pitched in and put time and effort into the play; wonderful talents came to light, be it as a funny actor, stage manager, food sale organizer, program designer, printing specialist, and much more. Thank you for all your help, dedication and friendship!

It is my goal for the future to offer more German plays, to find additional interested participants and hopefully some form of sponsorship for future productions.

Please contact me with any questions or comments – or if you would like to participate in person or support our group in other ways!

Vielen Dank!

Astrid Ronke, Director


Es hat mir sehr gefallen, auch mit den musikalischen Unterbrechungen, und ich denke, man sollte so ein gutes Programm nicht einfach nach 2 Aufführungen einpacken.

Rita R.
German-American School Association of Southern California


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