Ein Abend mit Loriot – March 2017

Who is Loriot?

Vicco von Bülow (12 November 1923 – 22 August 2011) alias “Loriot”, is one of the champions of timeless comedy in Germany. Whether as an author, illustrator, actor, or director, he succeeds with his dry, unique sense of humor. With precise observation, his scenes and sketches take on human shortcomings and weaknesses. When we laugh at his sketches, we always laugh about ourselves. That is the brilliant thing about Loriot: he reflects on the regular citizen in his/her everyday life so charmingly, without ever diminishing him/her. There is always a wink and a smirk.

Loriot was part of a generation of European comedians who still mastered the ‘comedy esperanto’ of funny walks, awkward grimaces and collapsing chairs, such as Charlie Chaplin, Karl Valentin, the Pythons, Luis de Funes, Jacques Tati and others. These were comedians whose acts translated across language barriers. Read more on Loriot.

With “Ein Abend mit Loriot,” the German Theater Group San Diego is paying tribute to one of Germany’s greatest humorists.

Run: March 18, 2017 to March 19, 2017
Venue: OB Theater, San Diego


Angela Wastrack | Armin Geiger | Astrid Diering | Astrid Ronke | Birgit Schäfer | Edeltraud Hayhurst | Fatima Rasnik| Heike Rentel | Karin Urban | Christina Schäfer| Nadine Garni | Paolo Ramos | Sunny Menze | Wolfgang Frank


Director/Producer: Astrid Ronke
Assistant Director: Karin Urban
Stage Design: Astrid Diering, Karin Urban
Stage Managers: Astrid Diering, Karin Urban, Fatima Rasnik, Christina Schäfer
Stage Hands: Aaron Groff, Michael Rasnik
Sound/Light: Jack Connard
Video Production: Cameron Hill
Makeup: Claudia Birleanu
Program Design: Armin Geiger
Announcers: Christina Schäfer, Astrid Ronke
Printing: Wolfgang Frank
Tickets/Concessions: Gabi Zois, Sabine Bohl, Merle Diering
Food Sales: Heike Rentel
Food Contributions: Heike Rentel, Simone Fischer
Food Supplies: Food for Thoughts Cafe San Diego, Sausages and More

Entertainment and Venue

Saxophone: Marcia Foreman
Piano: Andreas Falkenberg
Guitar: Joe Mersch
Theater: OB Playhouse, San Diego


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