A German Cabaret – April 2018

So ist das Leben (That’s Life!)

The cabaret-style skits, poems, and musical numbers from well-known German authors take a humorous, light-hearted, and at times sarcastic look at modern life.

In Germany, “Kabarett” is a form of entertainment that consists of mixed elements of music, sketches, monologues, dialogues, and lyric poetry. They are humorous, satirical, poignant, erotic and often very political. “So ist das Leben! evolves from the traditional German Cabaret and draws from skits, poems, and musical numbers by classic, known, as well as unknown, German artists. We are not only taking a humorous, entertaining, and often sarcastic look at modern life, but also touch on some political and cultural topics that concern us.

Run: April 21, 2018 to April 22, 2018
Venue: Theater of the German American Societies of San Diego, El Cajon


Angela Wastrack | Armin Geiger | Astrid Diering | Astrid Ronke | Barbara Lewis | Christina Schäfer | Claudia Lorenz | Edeltraud Hayhurst | Fatima Rasnik | Griselda Estrada | Heike Rentel | Jochen Merscheid | Kerstin Gottke | Natalie Van Doren | Nicole Broggini | Oliver Jansen | Paolo Ramos | Peter Wahl | Wolfgang Frank


Venue & Host: German American Societies of San Diego
Playwright: Astrid Ronke
Director: Astrid Ronke
Assistant Director: Christina Schäfer, Kerstin Gottke
Stage Manager/Stage Design: Astrid Diering
Stage Manager Assistants: Christina Schulz, Tamara Schnarr
Stage Crew: Finley Cazzorla and others
Sound/Light: Laurence Parme
Costumes: Astrid Diering and all
Makeup: Claudia Birleanu, Assistant: Tamara Schnarr
Video Production: James Cota, Cameron Hill
Graphics & Program Design: Armin Geiger
Announcers: Christina Schäfer, Astrid Ronke, Angela Wastrack, Jochen Merscheid, Fatima Resnik
Concession Stand & Box Office: Monika Parme, Merle Diering, Kiara Guizar, Lena Rentel, Theresa Rentel, Lukas Bogusch, Katja Page
Food Contributions: Heike Rentel
Website & Social Media: Armin Geiger

Entertainment and Venue

Piano: Andreas Falkenberg
Drums: Ray Conseur
Bass Guitar: Christian Reeves
Theater: Theater of the German American Societies of San Diego, El Cajon


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